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Our CRM system has been designed as a fully functional system of monitoring sales, starting with all customer information, all sales activities to the collection and administration. The basic package contains all necessary modules for tracking business operations.




For a more complete monitoring of the operations and its analysis, you also have at your disposal additions that are fully integrated with the system.



Our development team is capable to develop and integrate completely specific module, tailored to the client in order to raise business efficiency.

SALES Module

Seles module follows all sales activities to the last detail. All activities are tracked for the client, sales agent depending on the user privileges. The system tracks the progress of sales through the following steps:

• Entering new sales

• Editing Sales

• Confirmation of the sale

• A list of issued invoices

• Cancellations of sales

• Account creation

• List of invoices issued

The system allows making a list of activities according to various criteria and exports documents to other formats (Microsoft Excel).

PAYMENT module

An important part of the system is to monitor feedback on the issued invoices or collection information. Organizationally sophisticated system takes care of the dates and maturities, conditions, various types of discounts and delays, activities in case of default, warnings, etc. Many processes are automated for various categories, for example sending bills to the mail, a sophisticated warning system, calendars of the collection, etc. All activities are adapted to the sales agents in order to have simplified collection process, and to enable contacting the customer in all unpredictable situations.


The system is set up so that privileges are defined for users, i.e. add or subtract functionalities that can be used depending on the type of work they perform. Basic data are administered, privileges are assigned, and all activities performed by the user are archived. Data on working time are available and a detailed overview of all conducted business activities as a prerequisite for the analysis of business operations and calculation of earnings.

As an element of improving the operations we provided the part of proactive relation in which users can record ideas and suggestions that would contribute to better quality of business processes.


Statistics Module includes a set of analytical and synthetic reviews that aim to reach the quality of services. Views are made according to individual or collective activities of certain categories of users. It is possible to have more detailed analysis of conducted contacts with customers, sales analysis, sales conditions and reversals. The analysis of collection segment is available where there are data on calls to customers and results of the conducted contacts.

There are also presentations related to tax liabilities.

The system enables the filtering of all statistics representations, per user and as an overall view for all users.


This module is provided for monitoring and calculation of earnings for each employee according to different models of calculating earnings

• Calculation per hour

• Calculation per percentage

• Calculation by the number of sales

• Collective calculation

The system allows adjustment of parameters under which calculation shall be conducted according to the

• Project

• Date range

• User

It is also possible to make adjusting of other parameters that affect earnings, such as coefficients, the conditions for receiving the bonus...

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When you start looking for a new ERP solution for your company you quickly see that this is not an easy task as it seemed at the beginning. The main characteristics that your selection should fulfill are experience, flexibility, monitoring of trends, availability and reliability.

We have an individual approach for every our user, we respect his peculiarities and find ways to make them in of our ERP. Because the characteristics of your company in the business are the thing that sets you apart from your competition and precisely those characteristics are often your advantages in the market.

All requests and suggestions of existing users that we consider useful for the overall system are upgraded and through the new versions they become available to all our customers so that our ERP system regularly receives various new features.

In the case of legal amendments, the user of our ERP does not have to worry about it. Since the ERP solution completely is the result of our own development, which also gives us the opportunity to quickly respond to legislative changes without some sort of sending the request to amend for the outside programmers. At the present time of Internet connections widespread availabiity and dynamic business needs, it is necessary to have information from ERP available at any time: in the field, traveling, during a meeting with business partners or presentations.

Extremely simple technical configuring of external access to ERP gives you easy access to all your users in the field or from home.

SALES Module

This module enables companies to quickly and efficiently manage inventory and also a detailed review and monitoring of the necessary sales information of business operations. The module enables the running of the business to an arbitrary number of outlets. You can monitor by different methods and different types of prices (cost, the average, the wholesale, retail). Inputs and outputs of goods are tracked via documents such as receipt, return receipts, dispatch notes, issue slips, reverse. Parameters of keeping inventory, ways to determine prices, permits of the certain documents entry or the right to review some information about inventories, prices and margins are defined by the user himself.

The system allows companies the implementation of advanced systems with a detailed configuration of multiple price lists and rebate requirements of customers. Functionality of module includes monitoring communications with the customer through documents. Keeping inquiries and sales order, issuing offers and order confirmation to customers, automatic reservation of goods in stock, and so on. Sales in multiple currencies, tracking of exports with all the legal documents (inspection books etc.).

It is intended for both wholesale and retail sale, and contains a large number of finished reports and sales analysis (review of dispatch, analysis of profit per item, ranking list of customers, etc.).

The module is fully integrated with the modules of FINANCE and WAREHOUSE.


Warehouse module enables inventory management by the selected method on an unlimited number of warehouses and also control and optimization of the inventory through automation of ordering. The most important features are:

• Maintaining the catalog items with classification in hierarchically organized groups

• Control the flow of goods, the level of approval of inputs and outputs of goods

• Printing of label, stickers and declarations. Configuration of label layout, the Barcode Printing

• Inventory

• The use of handheld barcode terminals on all warehouse documents and inventory

• Advanced planning of procurement with a detailed presentation of turnover and the proposed order

• A large number of finished reports and inventories analysis (stock lists, items card, analysis of turnover, etc.)

The module is integrated with both modules FINANCE and SALES.


This is a central part of the ERP system and fully meets the latest standards in the field of business information systems. In addition to main ledger monitoring by book accounts, it is possible to do the monitoring and controlling of business according to extra analytics (e.g. Cost center / Profit center / Organizational Unit, Position / Department, Cost drivers, Work order / Project ... etc).

The module contains all legally required reports, as well as a multitude of other finished analytical and synthetic reports that provide all the necessary information for making important business decisions.

The module contains all the necessary elements of financial monitoring

• Accounts (Analytics of customers and suppliers)

• General Ledger

• Controlling

• Managerial Analysis and Planning

All documents from other modules of ERP system are automatically integrated in all parts of the system.


Production module is aimed for companies to automate and monitor the production process from the storage of raw and production materials to finished products. The production is monitored by projects and work orders.

The module includes the following features:

• documents - delivery note of raw materials, finished goods, work orders

• production regulations for finished products and semi-finished products, components, spreadsheet

• manufacturing sites and product groups

• time spent on each work order

• calculation of work orders to direct and indirect costs in the cost price of finished goods

All manufacturing and project processes are integrated into the overall ERP system.


This software solution enables you to maintain personal information and documents related to employees, the interactive approach to every employee of the company, tracking absences (vacations, days off, paid leave). The production of various certificates is extremely simplified, documents and contracts according to the templates (contracts, certificates of employment, etc. ...). Archiving all documents related to employees (training records, diplomas, contracts, certificates, etc.) Monitoring of borrowing / discharging equipment of the company, publishing and archiving of related certificates. Monitoring of employees career within the company and the career from previous employment.


You can monitor inventory by location and organizational units and the calculation of depreciation. It provides records and the assignments of fixed assets by the employees. These records are monitored by locations, organizational units and enables transparent monitoring of fixed assets within the company, as well as insight into the current and the amortized cost of a fixed asset.

With the definition of depreciation groups, depreciated for a certain period (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually), depending on the needs of the company. When calculating the depreciation, subsequent increase or decrease in the cost of fixed asset is taken into consideration. Views are simple and can be issued according to various criteria.

The module for asset monitoring is integrated with the financial module.


All parameters that affect the calculation of salaries of each employee for a long time are set on the master data of that worker. When these master data are entered correctly and adjust, the calculation of salaries will be significantly simplified because once defined parameters can be re-used, if changes in the calculation are not large or frequent. Non-standard cases or variable part of monthly salaries are solved separately on each individual calculation.

Various models of salaries calculation are supported (according to the agreed net amount, the agreed gross amount, the value of an hourly rate, according to points). Liabilities to the authorities are automatically calculated (contributions, taxes, surtaxes) for all types of earnings and compensation for employees, i.e. other types of receipts for fees and service contracts and calculation of various deductions and loans.

The module is integrated with modules HUMAN RESOURCES AND FINANCE.

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